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The major content areas covered on the exam are as follows:

Evaluation and Management
Anatomy and Physiology
Mediastinum & Diaphragm
Practice Management
Male/Female Genital
Hemic & Lymphatic
Maternity & Delivery
Eye & Ocular Adnexa
Coding Guidelines
Medical Terminology

Free CPC Questions of the Day (From Our Simulator)

1. One common reason for denials on claims is the misuse of modifiers. There are three modifiers that are commonly misused; 76.77 and QR. In order to prevent an erroneous duplicate claim, how should you handle using these modifiers when it’s the same provider and repeated procedure?

A. List all three modifiers just in case they need the information.
B. Same provider, same procedure is listed only using 76 as your modifier.
C. You would always use QR because it refers to same day, same provider, and same procedure.
D. Even if it’s the same provider, you can still use 77.

Answer: B
Explanation: Anything with same provider, repeated procedure you will use modifier 76. These must be submitted as one claim otherwise Medicare will assume the subsequent claim is an erroneous duplicate claim. Use this modifier on duplicated procedures only.

2. When attempting to obtain multiple results in the course of treatment, what modifier is most commonly used for clinical lab procedures?

A. 26
B. 77
C. 76

Answer: D
Explanation: Used when necessary to obtain multiple results in the course of treatment (most commonly clinical lab procedures).

3. In order to create and process claims faster, investing in electronic medical billing software is suggested. What other main benefits does electronic billing software provide to your practice?

A. It aids in internally auditing your claims in order to reduce the amount of claims that are denied and returned to your office.
B. This will help your practice save money, by reducing the number of office staff you have.
C. This will cut costs on mailing expenses.
D. Submitting claims electronically, guarantees that no claims are ever denied.

Answer: A
Explanation: Electronic billing means that your claims are submitted and processed a lot faster, providing you the opportunity to correct denied claims and resubmit them before manual claims ever begin the processing stage.
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